Location for February's Meeting.

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Location for February's Meeting.

Post  Admin on Wed Feb 06, 2013 9:11 pm

This month's meeting will be at Pam's home. Her address is yada yada yada. Actually I will post the address after I know this site is secure. Very Happy The meeting will be at 6pm. This months book to read is The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and will be discussed at this meeting or if needed in advance here on this forum. Please see the forum category regarding the potluck for this gathering in case any discussions are taking place about it.~Being an admin on the site every time I come to it I see everything. I want to make sure that this site is actual private as we discussed at our first meeting. Can you let me know as you all come to the site if you had to create a log in and were not able to access this information without doing so? Thank you, Ali


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